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Meet Coach Kim

How I Lost Over 60 Pounds

In 2008, I found myself obese, depressed, anxious and in chronic pain. I ran across an article about an elimination diet that could possibly help with all my health issues. The diet involved removing

inflammatory foods, such as gluten and dairy, and replacing them with healthy, nutrient dense food. The results were amazing. I now stand here over 60 pounds lighter and no longer struggle with depression, major anxiety, asthma, digestive issues, and body pain. This diet has literally transformed my life. Clearly my body was in a state of chronic inflammation. Removing the foods that my body was intolerant to allowed my body to heal and burn excess fat. This diet gave me my life back.

today's mama

today’s mama

Then in 2009, my youngest son, Sammy, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. After reading about dietary intervention for kids on the spectrum, I immediately removed gluten, dairy and other inflammatory foods from his diet as well. It changed the course of his life. Together with therapy, gut management and diet intervention, Sammy began his journey to recovery. Today he is considered recovered from autism and has been mainstreamed in elementary school.

My passion now, as a Wellness Coach, is guiding others through a 30 day elimination diet program to help uncover what foods are causing health issues and weight gain. My clients lose an average of 10-20 pounds the first month and very often resolve a long list of health problems. I also coach parents on removing gluten and dairy from their child’s diet to improve brain function and behavior. Call or email today to learn more about how I can help you transform your life. There is nothing more important in this day that what you put in your mouth. You have the power in your own two hands to transform your life and your child’s.

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  1. Ron Donatelli

    Greetings: Kim:

    My name is Ron with Silver Hills Bakery and am contacting you today about  our new healthy Organic, Vegan, whole grain Gluten Free bread. This one-of-a-kind product is made in a certified GFCO facility and finally connects both taste and nutrition for the Gluten Free world.                                      

    Some Product attributes:

    *Not a starch based bread – (genuine whole grains)
    *5g of fiber per slice! (no fake fiber added) 
    *No eggs or dairy 
    *Certified Organic 
    *Low Sodium 
    *Non GMO certified
    *Short ingredient list
    *21 oz / 600 g loaf
    *and most of all it does not taste like cardboard  :)

    Samples: I am asking if it would be possible to Fed-Ex you a couple samples of our new Gluten Free whole grain organic breads to you? I would also like to send some brochures and coupons for you as well. Our GF breads consist of two varieties Omega Flax & Chia Chia

    Support Groups: After you receive and try your sample and feel it is something to potentially share with your group, please let me know as i would love to provide samples to them at your next gathering. 

    Video Clip: I am sorry I could not meet you  in person, but we do have a little video you can watch to meet me and explain a little about this ‘one of a kind’ genuinely healthy Gluten Free bread.

    Gluten Free | Silver Hills

    Available at: Please go to our store locater but we are available at most any whole foods or natural retailer – you may just have to ask. We are also available at select Whole Foods Markets, they may not be on our store locator yet, again – please do us a favour and ask the bakery manger.

    Looking forward to your response to send you some samples –  please e-mail back & include a shipping address & phone number so i can Fed Ex these samples out ASAP.

    Please do check us out on the web…    

    1. Kim Rice

      Hi Ron
      You have sent me samples. Many of my support group members love your bread. Thanks for offering an organic, GF vegan bread option!

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